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Lebenshilfe Düsseldorf e.V. – international basic information

Lebenshilfe Düsseldorf e.V. was set up in 1960 as an independent local association belonging to the Federal association Lebenshilfe e.V..

Starting from early support and day nurseries to different residential services, from leisure time support to expert advisory services... the goal and mission of Lebenshilfe Düsseldorf is to help people with a mental disability and multiple disabilities to live a life which is as self-determined as possible and to enable them to achieve full participation in all areas of life.

Our tasks include providing advice and support and taking pressure off parents and relatives, as well as representing the rights and interests of people with a mental disability.

We are continuously working on developing our services further in the interests of people with a disability.

Our services include:

  • Early support
  • 3 inclusive day nurseries, 1 curative day care centre
  • Outpatient assisted living (Bewo)
  • 6 residential buildings
  • Daytime assistance
  • 2 centres for co-ordination, contact and advice (KoKoBe)
  • Supplementary independent participation advice (EUTB)
  • Leisure time & assistance services
  • SMS-02 sports club

The implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is very important to us. This is because we want to live in a society in which people with disabilities are welcome in all areas of life.

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